With USB C devices reaching so many consumers, those happy owners are left scrambling to find USB-C adapters, cables, wall plugs and USB hubs that will work with their new phone. With so many cables having improper specifications, finding a cable or something of the like that won’t start spontaneously frying electronics is a daunting task. Thankfully, Anker has been transparent about their cables, and unless otherwise noted, their USB-C cables all work properly with USB-C devices. This cable is no exception to that rule, and I can confirm via the CheckR app that this cable passes the test.

As far as the packaging goes, this cable is elegantly packed in a box, which is way too much for a cable. But, it is Anker’s way of expressing their attention to detail for their products. Inside, in addition to the cable you’ll find a little feedback card and a cable tie, which unlike the one included with the lightning cable, actually serves a purpose for this cable. The cable is a meter in length, so it is the perfect length for wall plug usage. That seems to be the intended usage for it – plugging the cable into a wall USB plug when your USB-C plug isn’t handy. And for that, it works fine. There isn’t much else to the cable; it’s black and well built, the way cables should be.

As for the ‘performance’ of the cable, it lines up about where it should when compared to other USB-C cables and wall plugs. Now, it’s not rapid charging, so expect slower charging speeds when compared to your USB-C to USB-C cable and wall plug. Regardless, it will get the job done. In case you’re not aware, with the introduction of USB-C, Google added a term for the rapid charging that USB-C provides. When your device is charging using that new spec, you’ll see a “Charging rapidly” notice on the lockscreen. If your device is charging at a slower rate (like with this cable) then you’ll just see a “Charging” notice on the lockscreen.

Now personally, I’m not one who would go out and buy this product. I prefer to use a Micro USB to USB-C adapter that I can pop on the end of one of my Micro USB cables. But, I am most happy to get this product, courtesy of Anker, in exchange for my fair and honest review.

So in conclusion, is this a good cable? Most certainly yes. It is well built and will work great. Would I recommend this? Yes! Provided you have a USB-C device and often have a use case for this (frequent travel, car charging), then the Anker Powerline USB-C to USB 2.0 cable is a great buy.

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