The Eufy Lumos E1 desk lamp is one of the latest lighting options from Anker sub-brand, Eufy. It boasts a compact yet sturdy metal and plastic body that seamlessly blends into a variety of spaces. As for lighting choices, it offers several different brightness levels which you can choose via the circle, along with a couple color temperatures. Those you can cycle through with the circle touch pad. But with a rather high price tag for a lamp, is this worth it?

First off, I always like to judge how much use I will get out of a product before buying it. In my case, I use this lamp on my nightstand, meaning that every night I’m using it as a reading light. The two USB ports on the back also serve to charge my watch and phone. Based off of how much I use it, I would say the $55 price tag is worth it — over time.

But how much I use it doesn’t matter if the product is no good. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the E1. Unlike early generations of Anker-made lamps, this is sturdy and actually looks great in a variety of settings, thanks to it’s slim profile and rounded design. Having the option to adjust the color temperatures also makes it suitable for any setting. Plus, the added function of the USB ports is also sweet.

What’s not good about this? Well, the way the buttons are laid out. I usually ditch the welcome guide to get a good feel of how well a product is actually designed. To turn it on, you long press the main power button, and then tap one of the other dots to adjust the brightness. The nice part is that your settings are saved between power cycles. To adjust the color temperature you tap on the touch-sensitive circle above the power/brightness wheel. Does this make sense? Nope. But does it work? Yes, and you get used to it after some time.

To sum up this review, I’ll come back to the first question: is it worth it. In my opinion, yes! It’s a great product for a variety of settings. It’d make a pretty good office lamp, too. However, the $55 price tag is a huge deterrent. If you can’t reasonably afford that, then I suggest looking elsewhere. It’s not that amazing. But if you can afford it, go for it!