Little separates one pair of string lights from another. Such is the case with these Eufy string lights. Coming in at 33 feet in length, along with a remote and a funky power cable, these serve a variety of purposes—at a cost.

Now, if anything separates these string lights from the other I’ve tried, it’s that these are mostly warm colored. Not completely, but mostly. Unfortunately, they also are not super bright. But, for some applications the brightness level will be perfectly acceptable.

The remote is where this product stands out from the competition. It has a simple, yet useful layout. However, the only part of this remote that I use is the power button. 100% brightness is a little dim for use as ambient room lighting (as I am using mine), and I have no desire to use any of the blinky modes. But, having a remote is quite nice as I can control them from the opposite side of the room from where they are plugged in. Although, I was disappointed to note that a generic controller app on my phone would not work with these, due to the special remote/IR sensor.

What about the funky power cable? For me, this was a new design. The cord needed to be screwed on to the wall plug, and then the other end of the cord gets plugged into the string lights. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it prohibits the use of a longer power cord—something I had to fix by using an extension cord. More traditional LED lights have a generic power cord (not specific to the product) that plugs into a IR box and then connects to the lights (allowing for use of a longer cord). Also, instead of using a box to protect the IR sensor on these Eufy string lights, a layer of heat shrink tubing is used to protect the controller board, resulting in an unfinished feel.

This string of lights is certainly high quality—there’s no debate about that. But this product fails when it comes to the price. I received this as a review sample, so I did not have to face the monetary loss. But, are they worth $30? When a quick search on Amazon reveals lights of the same caliber for $10-$20 cheaper: no. I cannot advise that you buy these over any other brand if you’re trying to save money. However, I can say that these are great lights and will serve their purpose well. I just cannot recommend these for their price.

If, however, you do decide to buy these then you can get them from Amazon for $30.