I’m Ian McIlwraith. Entrepreneur, marketing intern, and lover of all things technology.

For years, I’ve always been eager to take risks and explore many areas of work. From my little computer repair business to my landscaping business, I have always made a point to branch out in life and not fall into a rut.

The past two years have been a roller coaster in my line of work, which is technology. I started out testing phones for a company, and that led to me writing at three different technology blogs over the course of one and a half years. Each blog was a stepping stone for the next, and they all offered a unique set of challenges for me.

But my latest venture is what I’m most excited about: marketing. I’m now a marketing intern at Thin Line Marketing, a startup marketing company founded by Alex Garcia. Here, I’ll be learning everything I can about marketing while putting that knowledge into work at Thin Line Marketing.

With every company I’ve started or worked at, there’s one thing in common: each leap between company involved risks — some bigger than others. Without risks, I’d still be doing my PC repair business.

So no matter what you’re doing now, remember to explore and take risks.