The iHangy smart touchlamp Bluetooth speaker is a nice accessory for a nightstand. With an adjustable, warm LED and a Bluetooth speaker built in, there’s a lot that this can do. However, an idea is only as good as how it’s executed. Sadly, the execution on this smart lamp isn’t the best it could be.



First off, let’s take a look at the lamp function. Once you flip the switch on the bottom to the on position, you’ll beable to tap on the touch sensor on the top of the lamp to turn on the warm LED. Tapping again will result in a brightness increase, with a total of four levels. Pressing the light button on the front of the unit will put it into a RGB color cycling mode. The RGB mode is nice, but I see no practical use for it. Although, it is nice that you can hold the lamp at a specific color by tapping once on the top button. The warm LED light is indeed warm and I enjoy using it as ambient lighting, but it’s not quite bright enough for reading. There’s even a sleep timer built in. Press the sleep timer button once to set the lamp to turn off in twenty minutes.

Next, let’s look at the clock/alarm feature. This is definitely where the unit lacks the most. Why? Well, for one, the clock can only be used in 24-hour mode. No 12-hour mode to be found. The clock display also turns off after only a few seconds of the lamp being off. This is a huge disadvantage to me as I daily rely on a nightstand clock always being on. The alarm function seems to be alright. Setting it is fairly straightforward: press the alarm button, set the time using the buttons on the front, then press the other alarm icon to activate it. It’s an easy process once you memorize what the buttons do, as they aren’t labeled and look quite similar. The alarm tone is nice, as well. It’s not too loud, but I find it to be a little soft as the first time it went off I was clueless as to what was making noise.

This smart lamp also comes with a Bluetooth speaker built in. Personally, I find this stretches the lamp a bit too much, as you end up with poor quality audio. I would describe it as tinny, lacking all bass, and generally low quality sound. Even some phone speakers sound better than this. But, does it do the job? Yes. Just don’t expect to have a dance party with this. Also, if you so desire, you can insert a microSD card into the back of the lamp to play your music via that.


All this is powered by a 1000 mAh battery. I found that instead of worrying about charging this every so often, that keeping it always plugged in works just fine. A micro USB cable is even included with this, so don’t worry about that.

In summary? This is a mediocre lamp that does a mediocre job at everything. Nothing in particular is amazing about this, and nothing is super terrible about this either. I also can’t say that this lamp looks especially pretty. It gets the job done, in the most cost efficient way possible. Would I recommend this? It honestly depends on your use application. I would not buy this for myself, but if you see a potential use for it, then it will do the job. If you’re on the fence about this, then you’ll probably be happiest with just using a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, and your phone.

You can buy the iHangy Smart Touchlamp Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon for $35.