These days everyone has a phone, and one of the key accessories that we get for our phones is a screen protector. We go for that dollar deal that often ends in dust, bubbles, or a misaligned protector when finished. When this happens to me, I just accept it and move along. I never considered what tempered glass has to offer.

I was sent the blue screen protector for my iPhone 5S for review and evaluation purposes, and have been using it for the past few weeks in order to provide a proper review.

Unboxing this product was pretty straight forward. While the packaging wasn’t anything amazing, it is quite sufficient for this type of product. Printed on the box are the instructions for applying it, and inside is the applicator and the glass itself.

Now the most feared part: applying the screen protector and trying to not mess up. As it turns out, there is nothing to fear here! I didn’t even use the applicator to apply mine, and it was still quite painless. Once it was centered, I pressed a little bit and watched it adhere to the screen. After a few minutes, there were no bubbles! This was a first! I was blown away at how I had overlooked this before – a painless experience for a perfect application!

Using the product is as nice as applying it. My finger glides right over the surface like it was meant, unlike some of the el cheapo screen protectors I have used in the past. The perfection in the alignment of the screen protector is great. I hardly notice that it is there at all. I love using it, not only because of how nice it looks, but because the experience that it offers is as good as using a phone with no screen protector.

If you haven’t tried a tempered glass screen protector before, you need to try one! I would highly recommend you check out what Phantom Glass offers, as they are sure to offer you a great customer experience.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this. Being new to the tempered glass screen protector world, I am excited with what is offered and hope to get one soon for my Nexus 6P. I love the color and how well the product has been designed. The application was quite easy, and I have the comfort of knowing my screen is well protected. If you don’t have one yet, go get one! You won’t regret this purchase!

Check out Phantom Glass and see what they have to offer on their store: