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Don’t mess up.

Last week, when the news broke about a Portland families’ Echo Dot sending a private conversation to one of their phone contacts, I had a few reactions. My first reaction was “Yikes, our worst fear actually happened” and my second reaction was “Oh snap, we…

Why I don’t use a task list

For quite some time, I’ve tried to use a task list so I don’t forget various things throughout my day. Little things like printing a document, sending a specific email, or typing up a letter. However, there’s a problem: I’ve never had enough tasks on my list to…

Training the Next Generation in Mindful Technology Usage

I attribute a large degree of what I’m doing now to my parents. If it wasn’t for them letting me have more than my fair share of “screen time,” I would not have had as much time for Google searches. For learning about technology. For finding my passion. There are…

Social Media: It’s Not a Numbers Game

When it comes to the commonly accepted definition of a “social media expert,” it’s someone who can grow an Instagram account to thousands of followers or a Facebook page to tens of thousands of likes. But it’s more than that. Social media relies on our natural desire…

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