Online shopping has changed how we shop

Ian McIlwraith
Sep 15, 2018
Ian McIlwraith
Sep 15, 2018
I’m in the midst of moving right now, and as I move I’m searching endlessly for the best furniture and home furnishings I can buy without spending reckless amounts of money. But earlier I realized that the concept of being able to buy “the best” product for a given price point is relatively new — and it’s all thanks to online shopping.

Let me explain. Before Amazon and other online retailers, the quality of items increased as the quality of the store increased. Go to Walmart, expect cheap clothing. Go to J.C. Penney, and it’s a step up. From there, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue are going to round out the mainstream high end clothing items. The concept was simple: go to expensive stores get great stuff.

But now, it’s changed. Amazon sells items you would find in Walmart but also items you might find at Nordstrom. So, to help discern between the good and bad, we have customer reviews and ratings. And going beyond that, we now have labels like “#1 choice for [category]” and “Amazon’s choice”

So now shopping becomes a game of finding the #1 everything. The #1 mattress. The #1 barstool. The #1 mixing bowl. It just goes on, and on, and on.

I found myself obsessing over finding the #1 item today, and asked myself “why is this necessary? Can’t I just settle for the item that is a great price, although it may not be the best?”

The answer is yes.
We don’t have to have the best in every single category. It’s ok to settle for second, or whatever suits your fancy.

It was only a few years ago when we weren’t in Target, online price shopping every time we picked up. We didn’t have reviews to go off of; only our judgement of the store and the item. And everything was just fine.

Next time you’re shopping on Amazon and can’t find exactly what you want, just go with what seems like the best option for you, even if it only has 5 reviews. It’ll be ok.