Results Driven Advertising with Google Ads

Ian McIlwraith
Sep 2, 2019
Ian McIlwraith
Sep 2, 2019

Exciting news: I’m now certified in Google Ads! This has been something I’ve been chasing for a couple months now, and I’m very excited to now offer this service to you, my client.

What are Google Ads?

But lets back up here for a minute. What exactly is Google Ads? Well, you’ve definitely seen them before. Most times when you perform a Google search, the first couple of results have been cleverly disguised as ads. See this screenshot as an example of what I’m talking about.

These first two results are both ads. They look just like search results, save for the little “Ad” tag to the left of the domain name.

Google Ads work on a model of pay per click, or PPC. It’s also an auction. On any given search, there are several companies who want their ad to display at the top of that page. Each company has entered a max cost per click (CPC) that they are willing to pay. They don’t always pay that max amount, instead they’ll pay just enough to beat the bidder below them. So each time you perform a search, Google takes into account all the companies that are bidding on the keywords you typed into the search bar and performs a live auction right there for your search. There’s a ton of factors that go into paying the right amount and getting results, but that’s what I’m here for. This is just a broad overview of how they work.

Google Ads come in many different forms, such as ads displayed on many news sites, third party search engines, YouTube, and many more sites. But I’m only focused on text-based ads that display in Google searches. How come? The answer is simple. They produce results.

Results Driven Advertising

I’m in the game of producing measurable results that make a difference for your business. As I’ve grown my monthly website maintenance business, I’ve heard time and time again that waiting months on end for organic results isn’t working.

That’s why I’m adding Google Ads as one of my services. It just makes perfect sense. For you, my client, I’ve recently redesigned your website and now you want to recoup that investment and continue to grow your business. That’s where ads come into the picture.

For some small business, social media marketing isn’t a viable option. You may have heard me say that there’s two types of businesses: entertainment and service based businesses. Entertainment businesses — like restaurants — are easy to market on social media. Take a cool picture, offer 10% off with a coupon code, and 10 people show up at your door. For service based businesses — take an HVAC repair company for example — it’s much harder to produce results on social media. If your air conditioning breaks, are you going to wait for an ad to appear on social media offering a repair discount? Of course not! You’re going to go to Google and search for “HVAC repair near me.”

The Power of Google Ads

This is where the real power of Google Ads shines. When someone searches for “HVAC repair near me” they are ready to buy. It’s highly likely that their HVAC system broke and they want a company at their door within a day fixing their unit. With Google Ads you now have the ability to advertise for specific phrases like this and advertise to people who are hot leads and ready to buy. This is the type of search query that you may be willing to bid much more money on, since the likelihood of a conversion is quite high.

Let’s take another example. Say someone searches for “house plants.” This is an example of a search query that doesn’t scream “I’m ready to buy.” But, say you’re a store that sells house plants. It may be something that you’re still willing to bid on — albeit at a much lower price point than a term like “house plant stores near me.”

The Process

With Google Ads, you can now reach customers who are ready to buy. Here’s a general outline of how it’ll work when I’m running your Google Ads campaigns:

  1. We’ll sit down and find one or two services or items that we want to promote in a campaign (more depending on the size of your advertising budget). We’re going to talk numbers and figure out how much you can reasonably spend on ads in order to make a profit. We’re also going to look at competitors, see what they’re doing (or not doing) and lay out some ad ideas.
  2. Next, I’m going to do my due research and find a handful of keywords that we’re going to bid on ads for.
  3. With the numbers of how much we’re willing to bid and the keywords that we want to display ads for settled, I’ll put together a landing page (if necessary) and write the ad copy for each ad that we’re running. Often times, there will be slight variations of each ad to specifically target every keyword. Before I send the ad campaign off for review, I’ll send it to you for your final approval.
  4. With your final approval, I send it off to Google for review and it’ll be live usually within a day.
  5. Throughout the duration of the campaigns, I’ll be monitoring the ad and fine tuning it to maximize your results.
  6. At the end of every month, you’ll get a detailed report of all the results of the campaigns and we’ll start the process over again.

What’s the Cost?

Short answer: it depends.

Long answer: I know that small business don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on ad budgets (I’m in the same boat!) That’s why affordability is at the forefront of my mind. Starting out, I’ll be working on a flat fee per month for my services in addition to whatever money you put behind the ad campaign. For the ad budget, expect to pay no more than a couple dollars per click on your ad. I can’t give specific estimates here because it varies greatly depending on your industry. I’d recommend putting around $10 a day behind Ads. Now as far as my services go, the more campaigns I’m running per month the more expensive it is going to be. But if you’re only putting $10 a day behind your ad, we’re only going to be running one campaign containing a handful of similar ads targeting individual keywords. We don’t want to stretch your money too thin!

Hopefully this helps answer some questions when it comes to pricing, but please call me or email me with any questions.

I’m very excited to begin offering this service alongside my website design and maintenance services. I think it will prove very beneficial to you. Remember: I want your business to succeed just as much as you do. The more money you can make through Google Ads, the happier I am that you’ll stick with me as a client.

If you want to know more about how Google Ads works for your business, give me a call at
336-582-1000. I can’t wait to work with you!

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