What’s your motivation?

Ian McIlwraith
Apr 21, 2019
Ian McIlwraith
Apr 21, 2019

I recently started a new full time job at Cellular Sales as a wireless account manager. I’m working a full 40 hours each week doing that, plus continuing to grow my web design business. It’s a lot to manage. The thing is, when I come home at night, the last thing I want to do is answer emails and continue building websites – I’d much rather watch Parks and Rec for a spell. But how does one avoid slipping into the work-relax-sleep-repeat cycle?

I think the answer boils down simply to what your motivation is. Of course I want to excel at my job, but I also want to grow my business into something sustainable long term. What’s my motivation? The desire to build something of my own. 

It’s that motivation that keeps me up to 1am on a weekend working on client projects. It’s that motivation that gets me back to work after I’ve already put in a full day. If I don’t sacrifice short term enjoyment for long term gain, then my goal of building my own sustainable business will never happen. 

In order to keep your drive in the short term, you have to have the right mindset: always think long term. In every area of life, if you think in the long term game then you’re sure to reach your goals. If you simply focus on the short term gains then you’ll burn out for altogether fail.

What does this look like in your day to day life? It means doing something about your goals. If you don’t already have your goals written down, then how can you expect to achieve them? Write down practical, achievable steps to achieve your goals. Take for example my goal of building my web design business. Day in and day out, this looks like delivering exceptional customer service experiences, being honest in all my interactions with customers, and actively networking with potential clients. They’re small things, but in the long term they’ll make a difference.

So what are your goals? If you don’t already have them written down, then go and write them down and make a plan to achieve them.

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